Export Legalisation

Export Legalisation

Export and Commercial documents for use in  international trade require authentication by the National Chamber of Commerce, apostille by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and  legalisation by diplomatic missions, if required. Legalisation Service are covered by various types of documents used in international trade documents by, certificates or certificates of state and local offices,

Below an indicative list of documents submitted to the National Chamber of Commerce for verification/legalization purposes

• Commercial documents and export, including invoices, statements, specifications, contracts, powers of attorney, other than certified translations.
• The transport document,  Bills of lading, invoices, transport and other related movement.
• Certificates issued by the veterinary authorities, sanitary, commercial inspection.
• Certificates and certificates issued by authorized government units, local self-government.
• Certification for compliance with copies of the originals and photocopies of commercial documents.
• Certification of certificates of origin issued by the customs office of conditional requirements of the recipient country goods.
• Issuing, on the basis of certificates of origin issued by the customs office, additional certificates of preferential origin of goods on the forms of the National Chamber of Commerce, if a foreign investor demands for goods issue such a certificate, in connection with the payment for the goods.

National Chamber of Commerce also publishes documents at the request of the entrepreneur.

  • Certificate of the legal status of the operator, its scope of activities and principles of representation and other basic circumstances relating to the business
    • Certificates of following the law and any other circumstances resulting in the transfer of rights and obligations
    • Certificates / Certificates of the existence of circumstances which give rise to the exemption from liability in contract

    If a company applies for legalization for the first time, the National Chamber of Commerce requires the following documentation.

    • A document confirming the registration of the bodies conducting the applicant’s business.
    • Certificate of assigning statistical identification number registration number,
    • confirmation of the decision or give a tax identification number (NIP)
    • Authenticated specimen signatures of the persons authorized to represent the entity requesting.

    All copies of documents submitted for legalization should contain original signatures of persons authorized to represent the company.

    Fees for legalization at the National Chamber of Commerce.

  • Verification of certificates of origin and other documents – 75,00 PLN
    • Certification of compliance with the original – 55,00 PLN
    • Issuance of a certificate of origin form KIG – 100,00 PLN
    • Issuing certificates of origin for goods purchased from foreign funds – 200 PLN (price per page).

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