• Apostille and Legalisation

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    Warsaw Corporate Services Sp . Zoo does not work with external courier companies. All our in house couriers are highly trained legalisation specialists.

Legalization is a series of activities aimed at introducing documents for international trade
Documentation intended for legal transactions in countries that are party to the Hague Convention of 1961 abolishing the requirement of legalization for foreign public documents bear the apostille clause.

The certificate contains basic information concerning the place, time and signature of the institution / person who is entitled to do so. The document containing clauses apostille is recognized by a Member which is a party to the Hague Convention.
Legalization is performed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs before submission to the Foreign Diplomatic Missions.
Each Embassy / Consulate has different procedures for legalization. Some embassies require documentation translated into English or Arabic, while others require the legalization of copies and original documents together with supporting documentation. Detailed procedures for legalisation at the relevant Embassies can be found on our website.

Warsaw Corporate Services Sp. z.o.o Ministry of Foreign Affairs distinguishes apostille and legalization as two separate operations. On our website you will find information that will allow you to choose the form of legalization.
To submit a document at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the document should be pre-authenticated. Authentication of a document depends on its type. Some documents should be signed by a Notary and then authenticated by the District Court. Some require prior signing by the Ministry.

Legalisation Department of Warsaw Corporate Services is experienced and knowledged in the field of consular legalization and will make every effort to make this process easy and transparent.
Our business partners, Lawyers, Notary, Legal, Certified translators and agencies involved in the incorporation of companies around the world are an essential aspect of our work.

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